Walking through

the fog

Holding on to Hope When You Can't See the Sun

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Are you grieving?

Are you hurting?

Are you confused?

Are you wearing a mask?

Do you feel hopeless?

Do you try to pretend like you're ok, but you aren't?

There are times in life, when we don’t know what we should do or the next step to take. Walking Through The Fog seeks to reassure you that God is with you.


A family tragedy became the catalyst for this book. It shook the entire family to the core. For the first time, Dr. Guillory didn’t know how to fix it. For the first time, she experienced pain that literally brought her to her knees. 


In the chapters to come, you will hear her experience—the journey the Lord had for her to take.  It is a story of great transparency—she is brutally honest about her weaknesses, her pain, her failures, her pride, and her triumphs. But her heart is not to simply tell you a story. She wants you to also experience the presence and faithfulness of the Lord in pain. Her heart wants more of His strength for you and less of your own.


Get prepared. Dr. Guillory offers 7 steps for you to take while walking through the fog. Woven in the story are many questions for you to ponder and challenges for you to hopefully accept. So grab a pen, your journal and bible and get ready to embark on a journey as you seek to discover or rediscover the sun.



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what are others saying about "WALKING THROUGH THE FOG"

"This book has flipped my world upside down. I have a brand new outlook on life. You won't be disappointed. It's Real. Period. She has steps and challenges at the end of each chapter for you to reevaluate your life after she schools you. She's been my mentor since 2012 and I've never seen it get this real. It's a must read!!"


Dr. Guillory is a gifted speaker, talented writer and transparent story teller who uses her own life experiences to help bring out the best in others. ​

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