"My experience with Dr. Guillory has been an amazing one to say the least. She has so much energy and power in what she says and what she does. She has a great sense of humor and is very down to earth. Those that get the pleasure of working with her and listening to her are truly in the presence of greatness. She knows exactly what she wants and she knows how to get it; all while being pleasant, clear, and concise. I always enjoy listening to her speak and watch others take in what she has to say. The audience is captivated the entire time and it is definitely an experience you will remember and reference for years to come!"



“Dr. Guillory has really impacted me tremendously. She has really motivated me to work and interact with young kids. She has motivated me to build the same relationship she has with them. She is able to do so many positive things with the kids. Dr. Guillory has really assisted me in working with my mentee JC. She has always been there helping set up times for us to meet and doing what ever she can to help out. She has been a huge help and just an all around fantastic person who is fun and great to be around.”



Dr. G was truly an incredible speaker. Her gift for not only grabbing attention but speaking with passion is remarkable and unlike many of the other speakers we have seen. She is smart, funny, and all around inspiring and encouraged our members to truly seize the opportunity to change lives.

“Dr. G made our 6th Annual NAMIWalks Kick off Luncheon happen! The positive energy she brought to our community made a huge impact. EVERYONE left with a joyous spirit, encouraged and wanting to make a difference to help others understand stigma and replace stigma with understanding. Her dedication to building better lives is an affirmation of your leadership to eradicate negative thinking of people living with a mental illness and other life threatening illnesses. - National Alliance on Mental Illness, thanks you for your support”



"Thank you for saying yes to being our keynote! You were so amazing, everyone loved you. You made our event spectacular! I want everyone to know how great you are. Thank you for empowering us and making us feel fearless!" 



Her energy and passion is both entertaining and powerful as she challenges her audience to reconsider the ways they see themselves and the way they see others, all while making the whole room laugh.  


The coaching group was a great experience because it was amazing to meet regularly with women who love Jesus and had similar struggles with food, self-esteem, and overall life experiences. The focus wasn’t how to lose weight but to get under what was causing the overeating which is good because it takes the focus off the weight and more on me as a whole person. I enjoy Dr. G. she asks the good questions that I don’t want to deal with. I need someone in my life that asks those questions because people tend to think I have it together when the reality is that I need to be checked on regularly.



“Dr. G’s training on Cultural Competency was wonderful!  Interactive, memorable, realistic, applicable to everyday use, and an overall excellent experience that I would highly recommend to others.  Trainings/seminars such as these for ongoing education have never been this interesting!  Thanks to Dr. G, I now I have a whole to perspective of my daily routine (both home and work).  A uniquely, positive experience.”



 Dr. G’s presentation was truly engaging and so much more than a lecture or seminar. Her session brought tears of joy and so much laughter all while leaving us with deeper questions on how we can positively impact and empower those around us. Dr. G is not your ordinary speaker, and you are most definitely missing out if you’ve never been in her audience.”     VICTORIA SUN, AMERICORPS

feedback from a Cozy Convos event hosted at a university 

What was your favorite part of the evening?

Realizing that I’m not alone in my life... Seeing other girls going through the same walk as me feels good

The warmth, vulnerability, and joy, Dr. G pushes everyone out of their comfort zone to express! I also loved the listening/talking partner exercise

Definitely seeing the confidence that was restored in some of the girls after they chose to share their feelings or participate up front. Also, Dr. Guillory was amazing and a lot of fun listen to

Discussion was fantastic it helped me learn more about myself and others

Small groups at dinner and writing note cards with encouragement to our partners of the night

Getting to dance with new people

Getting to hear that other girls on campus are going through some of the same struggles I am.

Getting to be vulnerable and seeing that I'm not the only one who's broken

feedback from Head Start Staff

I’ve had several trainings but this training has really changed my way of thinking and how I will treat others. It has really motivated me to do better

Wow! Dr. G is an amazing and uplifting speaker

Dr. G was an excellent speaker. She helped me get in touch with some emotions that I was neglecting. She has encouraged people to face things. The class was very emotional and very impactful. I loved this training

Awesome job. Best training in my 10 years of service. Bring her back!

What I appreciate about Dr. G is that she is very encouraging. She has encouraged me to think outside the box and to let my light shine. She has helped me to put a plan to my goals. You can have all of these goals and when you look at the big picture it can be overwhelming. She has helped me to look at the big picture, break it down, and to attack the plan. The thing that she has helped me with the most is how to be a great friend. To have someone in your life that can see something in you that you can’t see that is someone I want to have in my life. Dr. G. is that someone.



“Here at City Square we have learned from firsthand experience that Dr. G is person who goes above and beyond to deliver exactly the message and experience our team has needed both program-by-program, as with our award-winning AmeriCorps team, and with our entire staff at our annual retreat. Dr. G knows exactly what to say , but beyond content, she knows how to say what she has to say . With tough subjects she has her audiences crying one minute and howling with laughter the next. She has the rare ability to “get inside your head and heart” to unlock the power of each person’s potential. She is a very unusual group therapist and team builder. Dr. G is motivational, well-informed, incredibly smart and totally proficient. Whether your event is designed to raise funds for y our organization, to train up your team or to heal the wounds of battle received while working in y our sector, Dr G is a resource person you should get to know. Her authenticity and her creativity combine to make her an extremely gifted and effective communicator, coach and counselor. In short, you can’t go wrong with Dr. G!”      



Speaker Bootcamp 

The value of this bootcamp was invaluable. What I learned about the heart, art, and business of public speaking planted a seed in my spirit to take a leap and go for it! After this workshop, I no longer doubted myself that I could do something like this. This experience with Dr. G's tips and tricks of public speaking, having the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, the awesome resources we received, and just the overall support of everyone in the room was truly invaluable. I'm excited to do the work and use my gifts to impact lives."


Speaker Bootcamp 

I was expecting to sit and listen and Dr. Guillory turned it around on us and had us dancing laughing, spinning but all in all learning she is a phenomenal person and teacher. She made it easy to understand and learn from and answered every question we had. Not once did she make anyone feel less than and never put herself on a pedestal. I'm truly honored to have attended I had a blast.



Dr. Guillory is a gifted speaker, talented writer and transparent story teller who uses her own life experiences to help bring out the best in others. ​

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