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Meet Dr. Guillory

Dr. Kristen Guillory is an international speaker, author, aunt, business owner, and coach who has the gift to connect at the heart level. She uses humor, storytelling, and transparency to take her audience and clients on a journey.



Dr. Kristen Guillory, as featured on CBS and Fox affiliates as well as multiple podcasts and magazines, is a true force.  She is the president and chief consultant of KSGuillory Enterprises, a firm that provides strategic and professional development, coaching and training in the areas of Self Care, Mental Health, Cultural Humility, and Public Speaking. Dr. Guillory is also a sought after speaker and trainer who uses her signature method that incorporates her own life experiences, contagious enthusiasm, dance, and a touch of humor. Dr. Guillory has spoken over 1300 times to over 300,000 people in Fortune 500 Companies, Universities, School Districts, and more. She has spoken in cities in North and South America. Additionally, Dr. Guillory is a renowned speaker coach. Scratch that. Her clients say she is much more than that. They call it the Dr. Guillory experience. She supports her clients to experience true freedom in who they are!

She has often been the only woman of color to be invited to speak and is looking to change this. She is the author of  Walking Through the Fog: Holding on to Hope When you Can't See the Sun, AND It's Ok to Take a Break: 52 Tips on Self Care and Mental Wellness. As someone who was once in captivity to activity, self-care is non-negotiable for her.

A Dallas native, Dr. Guillory discovered her gift to encourage at the age of 14 and knew she always wanted to help others. Since then, she has created over 60 youth and adult programs, graduated with her Bachelors's from Texas Christian University, where she later taught in the graduate social work program. And speaking of teaching, she has taught at four universities. She has been invited to present her research in Europe, conducted her dissertation research on the school completion and dropout among African American males, and has extensive experience in social work as a program director, advocate, and trainer and currently serves as a mental health consultant for various organizations. 

Dr. Guillory has broken many barriers from earning a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington at 27 years old to being the only African American and woman to graduate with a Ph.D. in her graduating class to teaching her first graduate class at 24 years old to institutions creating positions just for her and much more! She thought she knew where life would like her.
And then 2013 happened. After experiencing a tragedy in 2013, her life changed and so did her goals. In 2014 she stepped away from a fantastic professor position in faith.  And the journey continues as she strives to be a catalyst for Healing, Hope, and Purpose.

In her spare time, she enjoys solo traveling, comedy shows, dancing, and spending time with her family, especially her nephews!

I am soooo excited to support you in reaching your speaker dreams!! I am the president of KSGuillory Enterprises, a speaker, speaker coach, business strategist, a VERY proud aunt, solo traveler, and author. I've been featured in Forbes and NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates. I bring an extensive and unique background to my work, and I genuinely want to see you win!! I have spoken over 1,200 times to over 300,000 people in Fortune 50 Companies, Universities, School Districts, and more in cities in the United States and South America. I am the founder of Candid Conversations for Men and the Next Level Group Coaching Experience!!I have a desire to help you walk in the fullness and FREEDOM of who you are in life and on stage AND in the FREEDOM to know you deserve to charge a premium for what you have to offer!No More Hiding! Only Shining! I love being a speaker coach! Scratch that! My clients say it is sooo much more than coaching. They call it the Dr. Guillory Experience! I have coached celebrities, Olympians, educators, mothers, CEOs, counselors, and more. I have had clients leave their 9-5 jobs, earn $350k in 6 months, have $50k months, get on TED talk stages and most importantly, share their hearts with thousands! Money is NOT number 1 for me. Serving is. But I will help you get your coins!! I have also found tremendous success in the virtual-speaking world, and I want to teach you! Look, I want to help you be exactly who you are on stage! Your personality and all!! No more hiding! I want to help you frame your message! I want to help you to monetize your message! No more being afraid to ask for money! In addition to being a speaker coach, I have a background in mental health and social work, am a former professor of 12 years, and have God-given gifts and talents that I use to push my clients. With this combination, my energy, and my passion, you will get a one-of-a-kind, life-impacting experience! I earned my bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University and my master's and Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Arlington. Oh, and I plan self-care trips for women!



in higher education as a professor and professional 
  • Teaching experience at four universities- Texas Christian University, Abilene Christian University, University of North Texas at Dallas & University of Texas at Arlington
  • Representative courses: Research Methods, Diversity, Introduction to Counseling, Addictions, Race, Power and Oppression
  • Rated as an excellent instructor by 93% of students


of social work experience
  • Personally created or assisted in creating more than 60 programs for youth and adults
  • Representative programs: after-school programs, leadership programs and conferences
  • Micro- and macro-practice: direct services to directing services
  • Evaluator
  • Developed methods to incorporate business models and social work


as a motivational
and professional speaker
  • Presented keynote and commencement speeches, as well as workshops and seminars nationally
  • “Dr. Guillory’s Signature Method” is incorporated in each presentation
  • The signature method includes: Connection| Being Intentional | Dancing and Music | Challenge and Accountability | Walk With You/Help Carry the Burden | Laughter | Practical Tips



success stories

"If it is your desire to become a professional speaker, you don't want to miss Dr. G's bootcamp. Simply put, Dr. G's bootcamp is conducted with excellence and her passion is unmatched. By participating in Dr. G's bootcamp, I discovered the voice that I needed to become a prolific speaker and influence the people I come in contact with."




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