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What you're searching for might be right there

So for years I was not an outdoors person. But over the last few years I've truly come to appreciate and enjoy the outside. So, lately I've been looking for parks. Was even going to consider drive 30-40 minutes to go to one and even spend time away in Austin at a nice retreat (which I have done and will do again). Well, my friend sent me a text one day "Hey girl, did you know there was park in your neighborhood?" I thought "What? I've been in my home for 7 years and I didn't know about a park" So one day I went driving around looking for the park with my nephew and we couldn't find it. Well, this week my friend showed me where the park was and we had to walk to it. Also you can't see it from the road so we had to walk seemingly between 2 homes (but it's really was a trail) and there it was! It was a whole BLOCK down my street. I just kept saying, "Are you kidding me" It is a hidden treasure; it has a creek, large playground, walking trail and more. So what I had been looking for was literally right in my backyard. 

I wonder how many times we've been searching for something and it was really right there the entire time? Whether an answer to a prayer, a job, a way to use your gifts, a new relationship, a park. And instead of thinking that what we are looking for is so far away, if we take time to take a look around, get out of the car, search a little more, we might discover some amazing things that are right there! Example- You may be looking for God and He says "I've never left you" (Deu 31:6), You may be Looking for a way to use your gifts and You may already be using them to bless those around you, You may be looking for that new relationship- what about being more intentional with your current relationships, that they might feel like new--a family member, a friend, your boo. You may be looking for a another job, but how can you see God more now? 

How can you see the blessings in what you have even more? And spoiler Alert-- There is a chance that if you don't have joy and contentment now, you won't have it in the next place because things and people don't give sustaining joy. That's guessed it. The Lord (John 15:11)

We often think better is not what we currently have or in our vicinity. Well the BETTER you have been looking for might just be right there! Be thankful for what yo have NOW ( Luke 16:10). Now, it might not look exactly like you thought or be where you thought it would be. You should just pray, take a walk and look around.

BTW You know we could have comfort zones within our comfort zones. So get out and look at what God has for you right where you are!!

So take a look around. What have you been overlooking?

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