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Up to 60% off


Time to launch or take your speaking, coaching, business, and confidence to the Next Level!

Are you ready to monetize your high-level expertise?

Have you been stuck?

Are you ready to lean into all the Lord has for you?

Do you want to get out of your own way and deal with thoughts that have paralyzed you?

Do you want to walk in freedom?

Do you need clarity?

Do you desire to make money doing what you love?

Have you been trying to do things on your own, and it isn't working?

Are you ready to reach your goals?

Are you ready to work on your dreams?

I often say, "You must surrender the WHEN and HOW"-- You know WHAT it is you want to do but are unsure how to get there.

Allow Dr. Guillory to help you with your HOW!

Have you wanted to work with Dr. Guillory?

Well, it's time! 

Hey Hey! I'm Dr. Kristen Guillory

I'm so grateful for the tremendous growth of my business over the last few years, buuuut this year has been extremely unexpected in beautiful ways with speaking, touring, coaching, training, cruising, resting, and consulting opportunities and I want to share all the sauce.

I am blessed to be someone who is becoming a leading Fortune 500 company Trainer, Speaker and Consultant. With providing ongoing support to the number one company on the Fortune 500 list. Oh and I do NO CODE SWITCHING. Listeeeen, yall better lean into your freedom.

This year, coordinated/hosted over 10 experiences this year (Retreats, Candid Conversations, All the Sauce, etc). And of course, couldn't do this alone.

If you are heart led and people first, rather than chasing money, you are going to want this!

Now, don't get it twisted, we gets our coins but but that isn't first.


  • This year I had a client sign a half a million dollar contract and this contract could become a 1.5 million dollar contract

  • Many others close 6 figure contracts

  • Many others quit their jobs

  • Many began leaning into ease and resting.

  • Many launched their own events, retreats and tours....and so much more

Some say, I give too much. Never. If I'm led by the Lord to give. I give. No questions.

And these are the tenants that have allowed me to become leader in the industry and have a successful business....serving, flowing, surrendering, heart first, brilliance, my flavor, faith and all.


With over 15 years of experience as a professional speaker, I have spoken at events and trainings for brands and organizations such as NASA, Ford, AT&T, The Urban League, Walmart, Harvard, Girls Inc.,and more. I have also been featured and contributed to media such as NBC Local Affiliates, Forbes, and more. Throughout my speaker career, I've spoken to over audiences totaling over 500,000 attendees

A Few Client Success Stories Include:

  • Earned over $400,000 in the 12 months following a VIP intensive with Dr. Guillory

  • Booked a 10 week contract that replacing their annual salary

  • Booked a $132,000 contract

  • Booked a $102,000 contract

  • Booked a $66,000 contract


Sooooooo what can we work on??
Oh, So Much!


  • Speaking, Coaching, or Consulting Business Structure and System

  • Signature Talk

  • Launching Group Coaching or 6-Week course

  • Market Positioning

  • Events and Tours

  • Gaining Clarity

  • Creating Offer Containers

  • Fees, and How to Increase Them

  • Social Media and Marketing Plan

  • Monetizing High-Level Expertise

  • Planning and Hosting a Retreat, Workshop, or Conference

  • Pricing, Negotiating, and Packaging Services

  • Proposals for Corporations, Universities and School Disctricts

  • Creating a New Year Launch

  • Confidence and Mindset

  • Coaching Program

  • Online Courses

  • Professional Development Business: Pricing, Proposals, and Pitches

  • Detoxing from Harmful Thoughts...We will dream: You WILL gain clarity

  • And sooo much more!!

What have clients said:

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They expire on Tuesday Nov 28 at 11:59p CT

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