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Let's Launch Your Virtual Event!

A 4 Week VIP Coaching Experience presented by

Dr. Kristen Guillory

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"Have you ever desired to host a virtual event, but the thought of doing so left you feeling overwhelmed or flustered? Do you have an awesome idea or amazing content that you want to share with as many people as possible, but don’t know how to get started or how to effectively utilize your social media platforms to accomplish your goals? 


Don’t feel bad. I felt this way too until I reached out to Dr. Kristen Guillory and she helped to get me all the way together when I decided to host my first virtual event. She gave me all the tips, tricks, and tools to show up as my authentic self while making sure I was able to make the maximum impact by helping me leverage the platforms I had at my disposal to ensure my first virtual event was successful.  Dr. G has a way of taking the overwhelming pressure off, but also challenging you to do the work and stay on task while reminding you not to attach negative emotions to your work as well as reminding you to have fun. 


When I say she has a strategy for everything I mean it, she has a strategy for EVERYTHING.  She has a way of breaking things that need to be done in small manageable pieces that only take a few minutes of your time, but have enormous outcomes.  I don’t know if I would have been as confident as I was when I hosted my first virtual event in December 2020 had it not been for Dr. G coaching and cheering me on through the process.  Since that time I’ve gone on to host many more virtual events utilizing Dr. G’s strategies and techniques.  


I highly recommend  you take her course if this is something you want to do and want to do it well."

Valencia Carter- Bennett - Attorney & MSSW

Have you wanted to host a face to face event and due to Covid, you've postponed it?

Do you have a message you need to get out?

Do you have to turn a face-to-face event into a virtual one?

Do you want to increase the number of people who attend your virtual events?

You WANT TO HOST an invitation-only event or virtual game night?

You have wanted to host a workshop,conference for a while and ready to host it virtually!

Do you want to reach more people with your message? 




Listen, make sure you are ready to WORK when you sign up for coaching with Dr. G. My initial session was only 1 hour and I walked away with confidence and tips to make my virtual event a success. After following Dr. G's proven methods, my registration increased from 10 to 46. Trust the process, make the progress, and see results. I recommend anything Dr. G is offering without reservation!

~ Shavon Cormick

Thank you Dr. Guillory for such an engaging and inspiring presentation! I was learning so much so fast and you are a clear champion of the Zoom format. I learned so much just from observing your incredible style and you definitely dropped a megaton of knowledge.

~Asabi Adedapo Ifatunj


Hey, hey I'm

IMG_6209 (2).JPG

I am soooo excited to help you host your virtual event!! Whether you want to host a workshop, webinar, masterclass, conference, 5-day challenge, panel discussion, and more, I got you!

I have NEVER offered a weekly event coaching opportunity to the public. It's time!!

I have been hosting events for almost 20 years. I have hosted over 150 events that have served over 40,000 people. My events have served anywhere from 20 -900 people. I have planned youth conferences, women's events, men's events, concerts, Speaker Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Cruises (yes cruises!), Retreats and more! Over the years, I have developed a signature event planning and hosting strategy! Fun fact-- about 5 years ago 2 friends recommended that I lead workshops on how to host events and I thought that was a crazy idea. I had never considered it. They both said, "You host them often and you are excellent at it." I would put what they said in my back pocket.

I hosted my first virtual event in March 2018. Who would have known that we would be where we are now with the majority of events pivoting to virtual ones.

It is very important to me to do things in excellence and provide a fun and engaging experience virtually!!  Since April 2020, I have helped dozens of people promote and execute amazing virtual events!! I have hosted over 35 virtual events serving people in over 7 countries!


Now it's your turn!!

I am excited to walk with you, coach and cheer you on as you prepare to host your event!!

I will help you with EVERYTHING!

I am a VERY proud aunt, international speaker, speaker & business coach, solo traveler, business owner, and author. I bring an extensive and unique background to my work and I truly want to see you win!! I have spoken over 1,000 times to over 100,000 people in Fortune 50 Companies, Universities, School Districts, and more in cities in the United States and South America. Since April 2020, I have spoken at over 35 virtual events and I consistently hear that my talks and trainings are the most interactive they've experienced online!


I love being a speaker coach! Scratch that! My clients say, it is sooo much more than coaching. They call it the "Dr. Guillory Experience"! I have coached celebrities, Olympians, educators, mothers, CEOs, counselors, and more. 


In addition to being a speaker & business coach, I have a background in mental health and social work, also am a former professor of 12 years, with God-given gifts and talents that I use to push my clients. 



Spoken to audiences

for over 14 years

Spoken over 1,000 times

Spoken to groups of 5 to 3000+

Spoken to over 100,000 people

Has commanded top dollar



Have hosted more that 150 (over 35 virtual) events including


I Recognize Speaker Bootcamps*

Public Speaking Masterclasses*

Self Care for Medical Professionals Workshop*

How to be Engaging and Effective Online Masterclass*


Cozy Convos events for 

Candid Conversations

Move & Breathe*

Youth Conferences

Rites of Passage


A Keynote

Commencement Speaker

Workshop Presenter





Dallas Morning News

Fox affiliates

CBS affiliates

Radio Stations

Over 30 podcasts

Featured Speaking & Training Clients



There is soooo much opportunity in the virtual space! We can now reach people we never have, we can connect in different ways, we can get out our message more than a few times without the expense of food, venue space and more!

Yes, you can be just as engaging online!

Yes, you need a strategy for an online event!

Watch the video to see a brief recap of the Dec 2020 I Recognize Speaker Bootcamp! 

You Can Command a Room (virtual and in person) by Being Exactly Who You are!-

Dr. Kristen Guillory



Dr. Stacia Alexander

Counselor, Speaker, Emotionality of Success Strategist

Dr. G went through a step-by-step plan with me for setting up my webinar.  I am 100% certain I reached my registration goals with her prepping method.   My goal was 200 and 233 registered! We even walked through the wording of my posts and emails!! Her expertise is exceptional! 

Brandi Anderson

Makeup Artist, Founder - B Anderson Makeup Collection, Speaker

Dr. Guillory gave me the strategies to lay out and execute my Step into Bold 5-day challenge. She walked me through how to lay out everything. Originally, I only wanted 10 people. but she challenged me to get 50 people. 57 women registered!

Dec2019 Headshot.jpg
Danielle anderson

Fitness Instructor, Wellness Educator and Advocate

Not only is Dr. Guillory a voice of encouragement, but she will also hold your hand through things you think are scary. For me, it was setting the price. What she is providing is priceless!

She'll give you specific encouragement catered specifically to your event.

She walked through specific content for me to put in my reels, she helped me create a banner and registration page. And she even showed me how to maneuver in Zoom. Being able to practice break-out rooms--was so valuable. Yes, she is my sister, but I have also taken her classes, and I recommend her to anyone!"

Learn how Dr. Herndon was able to pivot during the pandemic!

June 2020  Virtual Bootcamp Testimonies!

Check out what Brandi Martinez Anderson had to say about her experience hosting her Virtual 5 Day Challenge!!

Check out a highlight video of Cozy Convos

The Time is Now!


FIRST UP! You will receive Dr. Guillory's Signature MASTERCLASS- How to Successfully Host your Virtual Event in 30 days! She teaches her proven 34 step strategy, gives soooo many tips and tricks, and more!


NEXT UP! EIGHT 90 Minute group Study Hall/ Coaching Sessions!!

During the Study Hall- Dr. Guillory will answer all of your questions!!! YES ALL OF THEM! There will be no set lesson. This is a time to work and get feedback and questions answered by Dr. Guillory. These will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30p CST-- beginning on WEDNESDAY, March 24


The following is HOW Dr. Guillory can support you during the 4 weeks!

She can help you determine your event Goals & Purpose, select the best event structure. (workshop, 5 day challenge, panel discussion etc)

You can share your screen to get assistance on your pages, flyers, banners and more!

She can help you with your social media content and timeline, email and marketing promotion and strategy!

And help you with setting up your registration pages

She can give you specific Event Execution tips, help you with the flow of your event, pricing, rules of engagement, content support & show you how to be engaging online. You can practice leading break out rooms

She can help you with your follow up, upsell, how to leverage feedback, dos and don'ts of online events and speaking, have help you put packages together and much much more!

Please note-- It is very important for you to view the Masterclass video before attending the first Study Halls.

See feedback below from Dr. Guilory's Masterclass




Begins Wednesday, March 24

Will take place for 4 consecutive weeks. EIGHT 90 minute coaching/ Study Hall sessions!!

REPLAYs will be available. Also if you can't attend one of the sessions, no worries, you can send in your questions.





  • How to Host a  Virtual Event Masterclass!! The 34 step Strategy + How to be engaging online and more! Valued at $300

  • 8 STUDY HALL SESSIONS Opportunity to get feedback & coaching from Dr.Guillory Valued at - Dr. Guillory's coaching sessions start at $500 per hour Value- $4000 (Dr. Guillory's coaching packages start at $5000)

  • Weekly sessions REPLAYS Valued at $100

  • BONUS #1-TWO additional Study Halls! Valued at $$300

  • BONUS #2-30-day calendar template Valued at $27

  • BONUS #3 30 Ways to get your Full Fee as a speaker when you're told the budget is limited. Valued at $27

VALUED AT OVER $4500!!! Yes $4500! 

Your Investment is ONLY $297! (or 2 monthly payments of $165)

Dr. Guillory will NEVER again offer an experience like this at this rate

Listen, make sure you are ready to WORK when you sign up for coaching with Dr. G. My initial session was only 1 hour and I walked away with confidence and tips to make my virtual event a success. After following Dr. G's proven methods, my registration increased from 10 to 46. Trust the process, make the progress, and see results. I recommend anything Dr. G is offering without reservation.

Shavon Cormick



  • Are refunds offered?-- No. You may transfer your registration to someone else up to 24 hours before the event.

  • Do I need event planning experience, to participate? Not at all! This is for all!

  • What if I can't attend each study hall?? NO WORRIES!! You can send in your questions. A REPLAY will be offered each week.

  • Will the study hall sessions be separate lessons? NO. There are no lessons. This is a time for you to get all of your questions answered, get feedback and suggestions from Dr. Guillory. It will be important for you to review the Masterclass

  • Can I participate if I am hosting a face-to-face event? YES! Dr. Guillory has over 20 years of event planning experience

  • Can teenagers register? YES

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