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16 day self-Reflection challenge

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Receive my Dating Questions for YOU to answer and ponder! My heart is for us to be intentional, heal, glorify God in all we do, and not make dating/marriage/being single an idol.


A little over a year ago I was asked to speak at an event for singles and share dating tips. I was excited and began to put together a list of tips. A few days later, I spoke with a project partner and asked him, “What are some dating tips you would offer to others?” His response was, “I can’t really give tips because I don’t know the situation.” I immediately thought “Oh my goodness, he is right!” I had a paradigm shift. There is “no one size fits all” solution and everyone is different. In that moment, literally in that moment, I decided to change my dating tips to dating questions and even go beyond dating.


Why questions and not tips?? 

It seems we are in a time when we want people to tell us exactly how and when to do things. However, we are all different and self-reflection leads to amazing revelations. Also, as believers, our standards are different and we should stop adopting the world’s standards. I could tell you things to do, but what’s important is that there is a heart level understanding. God wants our hearts. 


So I'll be honest and share that I was hesitant in launching anything regarding dating because we are so saturated with dating books, conferences and more. However, after sharing these questions with different people, receiving their feedback, assisting dating couples, assisting those who aren't dating and reflecting on my own relationship, God said it was time to share.  HINT: Some of the questions could prove to be more challenging than expected. Please don't rush through. Be sure to invite a friend to join you because you need accountability and they might need these questions too....btw the friend can't be your boo!


This EBOOK is Valued at $27. And is normally sold for $8-$12, but you get it FREE!!! 

what are others saying about these questions?

"I believe these questions are definitely needed.  So often are women encouraged to believe that we need a man to define us and to take care of us. I mean it's everywhere we go. On social media, in the movies, on TV shows, in news stories and books...the list goes on.  This causes us to develop mistaken identities rooted in relationships - in other words, we feel we need a relationship to better who we are instead of just loving who we are regardless.  I know that because I struggled with that as well.  So these dating tips/questions are much needed and are beneficial as it challenges women to change their thought process and learn how to be happy in their current season.

    27 year old single woman who is getting know someone

About dr. Guillory

Dr. Guillory is a gifted speaker, talented writer and transparent story teller who uses her own life experiences to help bring out the best in others. ​

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