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Check out what The April 2022 Attendees had to say:

"This was a life-changing experience. If you ever have the chance to attend. It is a MUST"

"I have never felt so comfortable in a space. The growth, the expansion, the grace, the love was just what I needed."

"Dr. Guillory has a gift. It is amazing to witness. It was amazing to witness the growth and expansion in just a few days among the participants"

073_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73304.JPG
253_Elite Mastermind_AB72617.JPG
197_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73460.JPG
192_Elite Mastermind_A815136.JPG
350_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73730.JPG
393_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73643-A.JPG
347_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73724.JPG
251_Dr G_Yatch Ride_AB73564.JPG
249_Elite Mastermind_AB72612.JPG
223_Elite Mastermind_AB72574.JPG
035_Elite Mastermind_AB72277.JPG
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